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Analysis of mobile power digital camera how to charge the battery?

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A brief analysis of how to charge the battery for a digital camera?

Battery in today's era, it is there are many types of? You know what? So to talk about digital battery is how it? If the time to play, no electricity, then what should we do? How to charge it? Let's talk about the relevance of the knowledge point!

Digital camera battery is as long as 3 - 7V are in fact can be used to charge the mobile power, mobile power now travel and digital cameras have become the standard equipment of many people, but a lot of people mobile power is likely to charge mobile phone, digital camera battery and mobile power supply can be connected because there is no charger and no digital camera battery charger is now on the market can be powered by mobile power almost no, many brands of mobile power which he can actually just talk to charge the digital camera, really how to charge even they themselves may not know. Now take the lead in the domestic launch of the digital camera battery charger can use mobile power supply, the charger has the advantages of small volume and convenient carrying, can use the mobile power supply can also use the MICRO USB port general mobile phone charger.