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Short battery life is the common problem of intelligent wearable products

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Teach you how to determine the quality of mobile power?

Consumers want to buy a cost-effective mobile power, the general can be selected from the following characteristics:

First, the actual demand, mainly to see our mobile power charging type, is a tablet computer or mobile phone charging, if the mobile phone is charging, select 10000 Ma about it, if it is a lot of products continued, will require more than 10000.

Two, security charge treasure, the Internet appeared many times without the mobile power explosion event, has attracted major media attention, but also caused technicians generally have the following functions to address concerns mobile power solutions: no loadshutdownautomatic identification, intelligent display power, short circuit, overcharge, over discharge, constant current, constant voltage protection.

Three, conversion rate, conversion rate is the battery capacity and the standard practice for mobile phone and digital equipment charge can completely transform the percentage of output, mobile power supply rate of qualified goods in seventy percent talents. Take the most important role of the conversion rate of mobile power is "mobile power maintenance board", so if the PCB circuit board of a mobile power with good workmanship and description, along with the electric core also contrast outstanding, but also has a thick circuit maintenance.

Four, batteries, mobile power batteries commonly used in two, was a lithium polymer batteries, the other is a lithium-ion batteries, lithium ion battery safety, so it is not recommended to buy, now mobile power batteries are made of advanced polymer batteries. And the polymer core security is high, there will be no explosion.

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