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You understand the main points which the battery is discharged session?

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Battery in the daily life of the use of the amount is not count, because now is the era of network information age, everyone has their own mobile phone, then you have it? So do you think your battery life is durable? Will often leak it? Below for us to talk about the battery discharge to what time to calculate the discharge of knowledge points:

Battery discharge system is the discharge rate of the battery, discharge mode, termination voltage and temperature.

The discharge is mainly divided into the following three stages.

A), battery voltage to float quickly from the open circuit voltage, when the voltage to the 2.23V down to about 2.13, so the process is caused by the floating voltage to the open circuit voltage, not the actual circuit voltage drop so quickly.

B, the battery end pressure from the open circuit pressure began to steadily decline, under normal circumstances, the battery discharge during the period of 1.80-2.06 is a smooth transition period, the battery voltage steady decline.

C), when the battery reaches the end voltage of 1.80V, if we continue to discharge. The discharge rate is accelerated, over discharge process at the same time this period also belongs to the battery, if there is excessive discharge, the battery must be promptly added, otherwise it will lead to internal battery sulfation and recovery capacity will be very difficult to copy.